Be boastful to your manager !

What I encourage my reports to do is to be boastful in our fortnightly 1–1's. It sounds a little cheesy, doesn’t it? However, it’s really important to do this to feed into recognition. Sometimes managers may miss the small things, so they’ll get lost if you don’t shout about them. Also, others may not always give you a pat on the back, but actually, what you did there was incredibly awesome!

At first it may seem uncomfortable to do this — but remember, a 1–1 is a private space between you and your manager. Society i would say, looks at ‘being boastful’ as a negative trait — however, do away with that notion with your manager.

What I recommend at the end of the week is write down all the achievements whether big or small down somewhere. Keep a record, then over time you or your manager can look back and realise what a big tower you have created over time.

In summary, capture all the small things and get the recognition you deserve!

Let me know if you’d be up for doing this as a manager or with a manager :)

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